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“…at age 46 I finish runner up,
something I couldn’t do when I was 30.”

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Subject: Re: Paul, here’s a free golf fitness interview for you & your
From: P Bader
Date: Mon, October 12, 9:57 pm
To: “Your Trainer: Joey Atlas”

I have to tell about how your program improved my game.
I decided to start your program after I lost 2 clubs in distance. After 2 weeks of stretching I gained back most of the distance I lost – and the swing I knew when I was younger returned.
One month into the program I managed to qualify for match play in our club championship where we have the most single digit handicap players in the city of Cincinnati. During match play my game came back to the level I played before I started a family and at age 46 I finish runner up, something I couldn’t do when I was 30.
Without your program I was considering quitting the game because my skills had deteriorated to a point where golf wasn’t fun. By the way, I can now throw a baseball pain free with my son, something I couldn’t do for 8 years. Also, some of the guys I play golf with on the weekend have started stretching based on the change in my game. I almost forgot, after 4 months on the program I can now turn my neck pain free.
Thank you,

Paul Bader
Cincinnati, Ohio

“I have been training with Joey at the GAC since he opened his doors in August of 1999. With my busy work and family schedule I had a hard time staying in shape for golf.
I felt myself getting older, softer and out of shape and my game was getting worse and worse. I used to make attempts at working out at a gym on my own, just guessing what to do, but that was wrecking my golf game.
Since getting on Joey’s programs, I’ve learned how to exercise properly for my specific goals, one of them being maximum golf performance. I feel incredible and my game is getting better.
This little guy (Joey) knows his stuff and I highly recommend anything he brings to market.”

- Randy Nader

“I have experienced chronic back pain for the past 20 years. As a pediatric dentist and avid golfer, there have been periods of time when my back would ‘go out’ causing me to lose valuable time out of the office and off the golf course.
Since working with Joey at the GAC, my back problems have been greatly reduced and I have NOT had to cancel one round of golf in the last 2 years. I used to be afraid to bend over and tee up my ball, now my opponents are afraid when I tee up the ball!!
Joey has taught me how to gain flexibility, strength and endurance for golf and every-day life. No other program has been able to help me like Joey’s has.”

- Dr. Michael Switkes

“I was fifteen years old when I started working out at Joey’s place, the GAC. I was a four handicap playing from the blue tees, and I could only drive the ball 240 yards.
After a year of consistently working out three days a week, I am now a one handicap playing from the black tees, and routinely driving the ball over 270 yards. Training at the GAC has greatly improved my game, I am now hitting par fives in two, and long par fours are a lot easier.
My iron distances have increased ten to fifteen yards, and I can now rip the ball out of heavy rough. I am much stronger than a year ago, and it is much easier to control the club, giving me more control of my shots.
Joey’s method has given me a huge advantage over junior golfers who do not exercise – or exercise the wrong way, which has resulted in a lot more victories.”

- Brian Ingraham

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