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Subject: Re: Golf Stretches
From: “Peter Naish” -peternaish@______.net-
Date: Fri, October 16, 2009 11:02 am

Hey Joey,

What can a 60 year old golfer do with your “Optimum Golf Flexibility”
DVD package? I’ll tell you what…

I have been faithfully performing the head to toe workout for about
3 weeks now. During this short time I have seen noticeable improvement in my
range of movement, the way I feel(very loose), and my performance at the
golf course.

Most notable in my range of motion improvement are my hips and shoulders
when I take a backswing. I can get a full turn so power can be exerted over
the full range of motion. I also feel comfortable in making that turn. Prior
to using the, “Optimum Golf Flexibility” DVDs, I was too stiff and sore to make a
full turn with these two joints !

I feel 100% loose and limber before I take a swing! The hamstring stretches
really relieve any back tightness and/or soreness that I have experienced in
the past. Also, after performing these stretches, I feel a sense of
well-being (+ve) that is necessary for accurate strokes on the course!!

The ball is going further, my drives are more accurate, my scoring irons are
right on the money and I’m having a whole lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for being the answer to my flexibility concerns.
– Pete Naish
P.S. I currently follow you on Facebook, Youtube, and your JoeyAtlas website.
I try everything you have to offer. Keep it going Joey . I depend on it !!

OK Joey – I’m convinced – I’d be a moron not to take you up on this ‘no-lose’ offer, So, I’m going to place my order via your secure internet connection, right now, Joey…”

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