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Subject: Re: Golf Stretches
From: “Peter Naish” -peternaish@______.net-
Date: Fri, October 16 11:02 am
To: JoeyAtlas

Hey Joey,

What can a 60 year old golfer do with your “Optimum Golf Flexibility”
DVD package? I’ll tell you what…

I have been faithfully performing the head to toe program for about
3 weeks now. During this short time I have seen noticeable improvement in my
range of movement, the way I feel (very loose), and my performance at the
golf course.

Most notable in my range of motion improvement are my hips and shoulders
when I take a backswing. I can get a full turn so power can be exerted over
the full range of motion. I also feel comfortable in making that turn. Prior
to using the, “Optimum Golf Flexibility” DVDs, I was too stiff and sore to make a
full turn with these two joints !

I feel 100% loose and limber before I take a swing! The hamstring stretches
really relieve any back tightness and/or soreness that I have experienced in
the past. Also, after performing these stretches, I feel a sense of
well-being (+ve) that is necessary for accurate strokes on the course!!

The ball is going further, my drives are more accurate, my scoring irons are
right on the money and I’m having a whole lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is easily the best money I’ve ever invested in my golf game and my personal fitness. You’re not charging nearly enough for this program, my friend :)

Thanks for being the answer to my flexibility concerns.
– Pete Naish
P.S. I currently follow you on Facebook, Youtube, and your JoeyAtlas website.
I try everything you have to offer. Keep it going Joey . I depend on it !!

OK Joey – I’m convinced – I’d be a moron not to take you up on this ‘no-lose’ offer, So, I’m going to place my order via your secure internet connection, right now, Joey…”

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