Snacks for Golfers: What to Eat Between Holes

Monday, May 3rd 2010

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You wouldn’t think most people would mention the words ‘golf’ and ‘nutrition’ in the same sentence – but the truth is I get this question a lot:

“Joey, what are some good snack foods to take with me during 18 holes of golf?”

Most people don’t realize it but golf is a physically (and mentally) demanding sport. We already know that optimal flexibility with proper core conditioning is essential to your ideal game and long term abilities…

But what most people underestimate is the power of the nutritional element. When we talk about sports performance – regardless of the sport – what you put into your body is a critical factor. No two ways about it…

On-the-course snacking is something that baffles most golfers. Truth is, it’s quite simple. During a typical round of golf – it’s easy to let time slip by without refueling your body with an ideal mix of fat/protein/carbs.

Without the right “fuel mixture” – your engines can’t run properly… Your performance suffers and you don’t even know why. You might think your timing is off – when in reality your blood sugar is low and you’re a bit “off center”.

With some simple – but balanced, nutrient intake – you can fix that problem.

So here are my top picks for ideal snacks to take to the course:

ONE – Two ounces of almonds, cashews or walnuts and a banana.

TWO – Two cheddar cheese sticks and an apple.

THREE – 3/4 cup of dried-fruit & nut granola mix and carrot sticks.

FOUR – Two nutrition bars with proper nutrient ratios for stable blood sugar levels and optimal energy. You want to be sure to stay away from any type of bar with artificial/chemical sweeteners (such as aspartame, acesulfame-potassium, sucralose, etc…). These can do a number on your focus and clarity – not to mention your long term health.

My top recommendation for a nutrition bar is this one:
Golf Nutrition Bar for Between Holes <= click to see

WARNING: if you have kids, and they find your stash of these bars – they will devour them. Yes, they are that good. Truth be told – I’m glad to let my kids eat these because there is no crap in them – and they are USDA Organic. Only 180 calories and ready for you to just grab and go.

So, just let your golf buddies eat those fake-cheese-crackers while you have a few secret performance weapons in your little bag:
Golfer’s Secret Weapon Nutrition Bar <= click to see

All 3 flavors are incredible and what's perfect is I just place a quick re-order every 3 or 4 weeks. I don't ever worry about running out of these because every month my new stash is delivered right to my doorstep. Life is easy - and good!

Let me know how much you love them,
Joey Atlas headshot
Joey Atlas
MS – Exercise Physiology
Golf Performance Specialist
Partner of ProGrade Nutrition

Golf Flexibility: Lower Back & Hip Stretches for Golf

Tuesday, January 19th 2010

Here is another golf flexibility exercise video for you. Give it a try right now, as I know you are sitting at your desk – which is one of the perfect places for this mini golf stretching routine.

You will also benefit by doing this before a round, after a round – and even in between holes, on the golf cart.

Give it a try and let me know how incredible you feel by posting in the ‘comment’ section at the bottom.

If you like this golf performance enhancement video – then you’ll love the other 3 FREE videos I have for you.

Just let me know where to send them in the box below. They will knock your socks off…

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“…I tried your free golf exercises for a couple of days this weekend, and for the first time since Oct, I was able to hit balls at the driving range without my back killing me (I pulled something in the Fall), and the next day it’s even better! Thanks!”

Charles N.
- Texas

Oh – and PLEASE – after you go through this little routine – feel free to forward this page to all your golfing buddies. They’ll appreciate it – and so will I.

Now get moving…

– Joey Atlas

M.S. – Exercise Physiology
Golf Conditioning Specialist

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Brilliant Golf Gadgets

Tuesday, May 5th 2009

So here it is the top five golf gadgets to help improve your addiction to sport. A lot of these gadgets dont even need to be used on the course itself but can quite easily be used at home in front of the little impressed wife and kids. Some of them could even help improve the normal electric golf trolleys.

5. The automatic golf tee
Brilliant for when you are practicing driving at your local golf course as this holds around 30 balls and at the push f your club the ball will automatically get put onto one of the tees which is a great idea for saving time watching the ball fall off the tee every time you bend down to put it there.

4. The brilliant weed cutting driver
Of course this is classed as cheating it is a great way of getting out of a tough spot when your having a fun round of golf. This gadget is brilliant for when you get stuck in the rough as it actually cuts the grass off so you can take your shot as well as being cleverly disguised as a driver. Brilliant gadget.

3. a golf club that keeps your drink in the club
This gadget is great as it is disguised as a club and will pour any liquid you put into it straight into any cup at the touch of a small button. The gadget is good for when you dont want to pay for the overpriced drinks at the clubhouse as you can do this for no charge at all.

2. A small island to chip onto
Great idea if you have your own swimming pool as you can attempt to chip the ball onto the island. The balls are made of Velcro so they stick to the island rather than bouncing into the pool. Even great if you dont have your own pool as you can quite easily go down to the local public one and take it down there, maybe it wouldnt go down too well with the lifeguards but who really cares!

1. A remote controlled golf ball- Warning not for competitive games
At the small push of a button the ball will head towards the hole as if by magic, putting shock into all your golfing buddies (until your found out that is). Although this is blatently cheating it is great for a fun round of golf or even for crazy golf as this would most certainly get you another free round.

Although your better off buying the plain golf gadgets like golf batteries these will help you if you want a bit of laugh whilst playing.

Golf Putters Exist To Fit Your Skill Level

Wednesday, April 29th 2009

custom golf store

Those who play the game of golf understand the importance of having good golf putters, as well as other golf equipment and golf accessories. For those who do not know about the golf putter, they are extremely important to an individual’s game. There are three basic types of the putter. The first type is the mallet, which has an engorged head, making it easier to hit the ball. The second is the cavity type, which is made the opposite of the mallet. The head is placed on the inside, which allows you not to make a direct hit and still hit the ball. The last type is the blade, which is straight on the end. What type of putter you purchase at the golf store and choose to use will depend on your skill level.

Whether you buy them at a golf warehouse, a discount golf outlet or any other golf store, putters help your game by taking those small shots to a level that can become an art form. It is something that you have to feel comfortable with. If you go by price alone, then there is a chance that it may not be the right one, and it will be too late once you take it to the course at the golf club in your locale. You may end up back at the store looking to buy another one. So try it out when you are buying and purchase the one you are most comfortable with.

Because a large amount of short shots are taken with putters, a putter is a very important piece of golf equipment. In these days of modern technology, a putter can be customized to fit a person’s individual specs and identity. While this may be a little bit more expensive, for those who have a true love of the sport, most often the expense is not as important as having high quality equipment.

The modern day putters are more like the futuristic looking things from Star Wars. If you buy one at a custom golf accessory store, then you are better off, as they will design one, or more, according to your weight and height. Some of them can lift balls from low lying areas while some can send the ball straight across the green. It all depends on the club you use and your skill level. You have to feel as one with your putter or it may never work for you. A putter is an important part of the game of golf and you should take your time in choosing one.

Picking Out the Appropriate Golf Traveling Bag

Wednesday, April 29th 2009

Getting all your stuff organized might not be the ticket can help you get a better golf swing, but it’s definitely been a give you a better attitude. Especially if you travel with your clubs, it’s important to know that your gear is safe and sound, and that you’ve got a place for everything you need.

Golf Travel Bags and Travel Covers

With lots of makes and features to choose from, you can find the right golf travel bag and cover for your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just a basic golfer who wants to make sure that their golf clubs are secure or if you are one of those linkster golfers that  just needs room for a cooler in your bag, there are plenty of well made, totally awesome and convenient golf travel bags that you can select from.

Combos: The Easy Way

Combination golf travel bags/ carrier combos can give you the best of both worlds: they are made to be about the same weight as a regular bag, and they make for easier travel and less bulk to pack. They can be ordered with wheels on them which makes it easier for getting around the airport or simply over to your cart. They have many different designs that you can choose from including ones that are padded and reinforced with cloth to sleek metal designs. If you are looking for a piece of luggage that is convenient and multifunctional, then the right choice for you will most definitely be the combo golf travel/carrier bag.

Golf Travel Bag with Cover: Familiarity Breeds Comfort

Some golfers though have their bag set up exactly as they like it and don’t see why they would need to break everything out and repack it all for a trip. In cases like these, utilizing the bag cover that is durable to place over your equipment simply makes a lot of sense. These are designed so you can just put your travel bag inside of them, close all of, and take off out of town. They make designs that have wheels, as well as unique designs that are designed to save space and feature “hideaway” construction that will make it easier for you to store when you’re not using it.

Consider Your Needs

If you travel infrequently, then you probably don’t think that makes a lot of sense to spend money on a high-end golf travel bag or a travel case. However, when you consider what you’ve invested in your clubs, shoes, and other gear (not to mention all those lessons, right?), you won’t want to skimp on protection for your investment. Take your time to check out all your options, think about how often the bag is going to be used, then from that point make your decision.

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Have The Perfect Golf Swing With These Easy Steps

Wednesday, April 29th 2009

As I approach with my golf club, I feel as though I want to knock the cover off of the ball.  It feels good to put all of my strength into hitting the ball.  Just hitting the ball as hard as I can does not mean that I play good golf though.  

If you just need to relieve a little stress, then swinging with all your strength may accomplish your goals.  However, if you want to have a perfect golf swing, then you are going to have to hold back on the power a little.  

Swinging the golf club too hard is one of the most common mistakes.  A hard swing shows that you have power, but accuracy is the name of the game in golf.  

You need to relax when you are swinging.  This will help you swing easily and will help to reduce your power.  If you put your feet closer together, then you can further reduce the strength of your swing.  Tensing up will also cause you to use too much effort.  

Keeping your center of gravity is also vital.  Keep your center of gravity the same and your head will stay still.  If you keep both of your feet in the same position throughout your swing, then your center of gravity will be stable.    

If you jerk your body then your head will move and you will not be able to focus on the ball.  This can also change your center of gravity.  It is imperative that you keep your feet planted so that all your weight will be concentrated in your feet when you make contact with the ball.  

Expending very little effort should be your goal.  If you hit the ball correctly, then it will feel smooth and easy.    

Don’t tense up when you are about to make contact with the ball.  If you tense up, your balance will be thrown off.  You want the club head to travel in a straight line to make contact with the ball.  

To help correct your golf slice, see how centered you can hit the ball with your club and how low you can send the ball.If you launch the golf ball too high it can get into the wind and travel to the left or to the right into the rough.  

Try not to use any more power than what you are able to control.  The goal of the game is not power, but accuracy.You have to be able to control all facets of your golf swing so that you can get a clean hit and direct the ball to where you want it.  

You will get more distance from a neat and clean swing, than from powerful uncontrolled one.  

You want to try to gradually increase your speed during your swing until you connect with the ball solidly.  If you do not have a smooth swing, then you are pulling your hands somewhere during the swing.  Keep your head as still as you would if you had a glass of water balanced on top of it.  This will help to improve your swing and help you to swing more smoothly and fluidly.  

Swing at a decent enough speed to keep yourself from becoming tense and stiff.  Don’t swing too slowly or so hard that you feel the effort of the swing.  Stay relaxed.  

Try to keep the idea of power out of your head.  Keeping your power under control so that you can be more accurate is what counts!  The key to the perfect golf swing is a nice smooth, even stroke.

Making Your Own Golf Clubs

Wednesday, April 29th 2009

For amateur golfers, making one’s own set of golf clubs or just that one special club can be a lot of fun, and could help in one’s game.

You may ask why you would ever want to build your own golf clubs.Well, the big reason is that when you buy clubs off the shelf, you are stuck with the sizes and fits that are in stock – limited only.  There may be one size for men; another for the women; and another for children who need junior golf clubs. For someone with a 6′ 2″ height, buying off the rack can cause one’s golf game to suffer and cause annoying back aches because the clubs that was picked were too short. By learning to make your own golf clubs you can help your body and save some cash at the same time.

You really don’t need much to make your own golf clubs.You just need a head, shaft, grip and some other materials to hold it all together.Browsing through the net will give you many great options to buying your components and make clubs that match your game.

Club heads — iron and wood heads are available from many suppliers. One can buy club heads that resemble popular brands or designs unique to the manufacturer you buy them from. Each vendor offers their own line of clubs.

Shafts – you can buy the same shafts that most of these branded golf club companies use.

Grips – there are a variety of sizes and types of grips.  You can find them in all price ranges and even buy the same ones the pros use..

Ferules — That’s the little plastic piece that goes on the end of the shaft above the club head on some clubs. These are purely decorative except on graphite shafts where they are necessary to absorb some of the stresses where the shaft joins the club head.

The beauty of finding the components to make your club is the fact that you can mix and match components to match your game.

Some of the tools needed are:

Grip tape – two sided tape is needed

Grip tape solvent – very cheap and you can recycle the excess

Epoxy – you will needs an epoxy with a drying time of 2-3 hours

Pipe cutter for cutting steel shafts, a plumbing cutter will work fine

For graphite shaft use a hack saw

Grip cutting knife – one with a hooked blade works nicely

Sandpaper for roughing up shaft tips to epoxy them

Shaft clamp – a thick piece of rubber in a vise works well

Making a golf club consists of measuring and cutting the shaft to length, abrading the tip to make sure the bond to the head is as good as possible. You then push the ferrule over the thin end of the shaft and glue the head to the shaft with epoxy. Waiting for the epoxy to dry is the worst part of the job… You want to take your new golf club to the course and try it out. Once the epoxy has set, you wrap the butt end of the shaft with grip tape (double-sided sticky tape), wet it using one of a wide range of solvents, slide the grip over it and let dry. Now you clean your new golf club, polish the ferrule and end up with something better then you can buy at a store.

So get to your computer, surf the net and find great websites to get your components. In no time, you will be able to create your own golf clubs. So have fun.

Those who have played golf knows that it’s addicting. Building your own club can be addicting as well.

How to Find Golf Information Online ..The Easy Way

Tuesday, April 28th 2009

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world and not surprisingly there are millions of websites dedicated to the sport.The difficulty for the amateur golfer is that there is just too much info.

The search engines can present you with just a ridiculous amount of info.

As an illustration I have just searched for “buy new seven iron”, without the quotes.I have got back 18,600,000 pages.

That is not very helpful.  I am suffering with information overload, particularly as a quick look through the first page of websites suggests a lot of narrow websites rather then a the general overview retailer that i was hoping for

As another example I have tried “golf course in Arizona”.This time there is 3,400,000 pages found.

It seemed to me that I should be able to reduce the overload of Google information and find a solution for myself.

Suddenly after hours of wasted time the solution arrived.

The answer was a golf toolbar of my own.Toolbars are the symbols that sit above your browser window.

In the toolbar I put in my favorite golfing websites so that whenever I wanted golf information it was there at the top of my screen every time I was online.  It meant that I could go to my favorite store, the best course directory, the news center I created, in an instant.  No more messing about with Google and facing a bewildering choice of websites.

I still use Google sometimes for golf searches but in general I know that the best websites are available right at the top of my screen everyday.

I thought that it would be a good idea to share my golf toolbar and so here it is.Its free for anyone to have a look at and download.It is guaranteed safe by the Trusted Download logo and loads fast.

It currently features a leading golf retailer, a special site for training aids, videos and books , plus a golf news centre, a weather forecast (perhaps the most useful thing of all), a vacation arranger, utilities, games and loads of other useful stuff.

The Golf toolbar.

I love the thing and think that there is no reason why more should not also benefit.There is no charge though I should mention that if you should purchase through the retailer on the toolbar I do receive a commission.

The toolbar will be useful for you I hope.

The Golf News toolbar.

How to Reduce Your Golf Handicap Through Golf Fitness

Friday, April 10th 2009


How to Reduce Your Golf Handicap Through Golf Fitness

- Submitted by The Golf Drive Power Team

Chances are, if you’re an avid golfer, you’d love to be a single digit handicap (sdh) golfer. So what do these ’sdh’ golfers have that you don’t?

You may be thinking they’re simply “better golfers,” and that may be partially true, but odds are they are also more in tune with how their level of overall fitness (strength, flexibility, endurance) affects their ability to play a great round of golf – AND recover quickly between rounds.

Single digit handicap golfers have gone beyond ’swing technique’ and are committed to being as fit as possible for golf and the physical demands that come with the game.

They’ve developed a golf specific fitness routine that ensures that their bodies are capable of playing an enviable round of golf, with minimal risk of injury.

You too can focus on fitness and improve your golf game.

One of the first areas you need to look at is your core strength. Your core muscles are those in your torso, the ones that are critical to how well you swing the club. If your back, abdominal and shoulder muscles are not in shape they are not going to be able to support you well enough to produce an excellent swing. Getting your core muscles in shape will give you a more powerful, fluid swing, offering more distance and accuracy.

Shoulder rotation is another key area. By exercising and stretching your shoulder muscles through an expanded, but natural, range of motion you will increase your flexibility, ensuring a full swing with balanced rotation. This goes for spinal rotation as well. If you work your back muscles, consistently keeping them limber, they will enable you to more efficiently swing the club – with a predictable repetitiveness (VERY important)

The majority of single digit handicap players have full, and fluid, range of motion in their shoulders in addition to optimal hip, spine and neck flexibility.

Play Strong for All 18 Holes and Recover Much Quicker

Finally, a properly structured fitness routine improves your ‘golf’ endurance, making a long round of golf much easier to get through – and recover from. This means that your first swing of the round and your last will have the same level of control, accuracy and power…

And that late-round, game killing fatigue is avoided – allowing you to keep your mental focus when it counts the most.

Becoming a single digit handicap golfer is about more than skill, it’s about preparing your body to use the skills you have, every time you pick up a club.

And more importantly – when your body is ‘fit for golf’ – it allows you to further develop your ‘golf skills’ by allowing you to get the most out of your practice time.

Submitted by The Golf Drive Power Team
Go there to learn about the balanced and targeted Golf Fitness program they have put together. The video tips are excellent and loaded with insights.

The creators of the program, Dee and Tyler, have too many credentials to list here – but I can assure you – I don’t post any articles from outside professionals unless they ‘know their stuff’.

Your trainer,
Joey Atlas – Golf Performance Specialist