New Secret Weapon of the PGA Tour Pros

Monday, November 21st 2011

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I want to share with you the underground phenomena happening in the golf world…

Have you ever heard of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)?

TPI is like the secret tour research lab for golf fitness and conditioning. It’s run by Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips, and they are the secret weapon for a lot of the recent “changing of the guard” on The Tour.

Last season 37 out of the 47 events were won by golfers with a TPI team behind them. Currently 19 out of the top 25 male golfers in the world have a TPI team, as well as the #1 Men’s and Women’s golfers in the world. Why?

Well – in short – this stuff works. And here’s why…

TPI Golf Fitness Recipe: Swing Instructor, Golf Fitness Trainer, Physical Rehab Professional

The problem is that it’s taking a long time for these teams to work their way down to the average club golfer. The team concept is a very logical way of looking at a golfer. The swing instructor, fitness trainer, and rehab person are always working on a common goal, usually how to get the body to work more effectively and remain injury free.

So let’s say Luke Donald wanted to work on his sequencing to be even more consistent….

A – The fitness person would give him exercises designed to strengthen the weak link in that movement.
B – The medical person would help physically prepare the body for the fitness program.
C – The golf instructor would monitor the swing drills to make sure he wasn’t wasting his time with faulty drills.

This integrated approach works very well…but, as you can imagine, it can be really expensive and time-consuming, if you’re not playing golf for a living.

Let me introduce to The Simple Golf Swing from David Nevogt.

Basically, 3D research has shown that there are at least 4 different swings. Those are:

1 – best driver swing
2 – best iron swing
3 – best wedge swing
4 – best putter swing

The SAME swing that hits a straight wedge COULD hit a horribly nasty slice with a driver. This is one of the reasons why golfers rarely have their best driver day on the same day they have a great iron day.

The driver is the most physically demanding and therefore the toughest one for most amateurs to get a good handle on…and let’s face it, it’s the most FUN part of playing golf! But, since it’s so physically demanding, most people struggle from weak, crooked drives because of their physical restrictions and limitations.

And that’s just one example.

TPI Golf fitness video

They’ve put together a great instructional video that you can watch to learn about how the body and the swing really interact with each other. In the video, they take you through a really helpful test about how the pelvis works in the golf swing, and show you some ways that you can work on hitting the ball further right away. Whether you’re a veteran golfer, or a newcomer, you definitely have to see Click here for Free Swing Tips You Can Do All Year Round.

Enjoy… and please share this post with all your golf pals…

- Joey Atlas
M.S., Exercise Physiology
Golf Conditioning Specialist

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