Medicine Ball Exercises for Golf: CardioCore Combo

Friday, July 1st 2011

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The golf swing requires total-body coordination. Everything works together, simultaneously to achieve the swing. It is rare that you’ll ever see me recommend a typical “gym/weight-lifter” type exercise where you are trying to isolate a muscle for maximum growth and bulk…

But as you know – you will see me recommending total-body movements which require: balance, coordination, range of motion and equal use of both sides of the body (not necessarily both at same time).

On that note I want to share this 4 minute Medicine-Ball, CardioCore Combo Workout:

WARNING: this workout is not for everyone reading this post today. So I suggest you run it by your doctor and get medical clearance before trying it. Better safe than sorry.

After you get clearance and are ready to give it a go – you can feel free to use it as a stand alone conditioning routine – or you can add it to something else which I’ve shared with you in the past.

Either way – take it slow, start light and easy – and build up the reps gradually – and the sets (times you go through the routine) to about 3-5 and you’ll have a sweet, golf-specific mini-workout you can do anywhere and you can make it part of a bigger, more elaborate, program.

Please don’t be stingy – feel free to pass this onto all your golfing buddies. It will help me bring you more good articles and videos like the one above.

Your trainer,

Joey Atlas
M.S., Exercise Physiology
Golf Conditioning Specialist
Creator: Optimum Flexibility for Golf

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