Loose Hips + Balanced Flexibility + Stable Core = Better Golf

Friday, January 30th 2009

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Loose Hips + Balanced Flexibility + Stable Core = Better Golf

Last week I was wrapping up a consulting assignment for a family here in the USA. [I occasionally open up my schedule for high end assignments - where I go into a home or a company and design their exercise facility and help them implement a custom program, specific to their needs and goals...]

The parents were both golfers – and they asked me a great question: “Joey, when did you learn to place emphasis on flexibility and bodyweight training as opposed to all these machines and weights based programs that are out there?”

Rather than write out my whole answer here – I was lucky enough to find a recent article from another golf conditioning expert – who sums it up perfectly:

Here is an excerpt from a recent article by Sean Cochran, who writes for PGATOUR.COM:

“…it is probably best to provide some background on the importance of the hips relative to the golf swing. If we review the mobility/stability pattern of human movement describe in previous articles, we learn that the hips are an integral joint in the execution of the golf swing. It is a joint requiring mobility in addition to strength from the musculature surrounding the joint.

If the hips lack mobility from limited ranges of motion or stability from insufficient strength, the mechanics of the golf swing will be directly affected. Numerous swing faults such as “over the top” in the downswing or a “loss of posture” in the back swing can be directly related to a lack of mobility or stability within the hips. It is for this reason that it is safe to say the hips can be characterized as the “kings” of the golf swing.

As a result, it is imperative within our golf fitness training program that we address the hips extensively with both mobility and stability training. The development of mobility comes through the implementation of range of motion and flexibility exercises, both of which have been covered in previous articles. Stability is developed through strength training.”
This article can be read via this link

Now – There’s more to it, as I can write a whole book on the subject – but as you and me both know, books are very hard to follow when it involves physical instruction. That’s why I created the ‘Optimum Flexibility for Golf’ DVDs

Most golfers reading this already own and are benefiting from the DVDs – But if you are one of the few who are not – then it might be time to make your move so you can write me an email like Michael here:

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The golf flexibility program is amazing!

Over the last summer, I could tell a huge difference in my game when I was doing the program religiously and when I would let it slide for a couple weeks. I would go from playing golf essentially pain free, to playing with a back that would ’seer’ with every shot and between shots. There was such a huge difference, that my new year’s resolution is to follow the program religiously this year because of the profound difference it made in my game.


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