How to Reduce Your Golf Handicap Through Golf Fitness

Friday, April 10th 2009

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How to Reduce Your Golf Handicap Through Golf Fitness

- Submitted by The Golf Drive Power Team

Chances are, if you’re an avid golfer, you’d love to be a single digit handicap (sdh) golfer. So what do these ’sdh’ golfers have that you don’t?

You may be thinking they’re simply “better golfers,” and that may be partially true, but odds are they are also more in tune with how their level of overall fitness (strength, flexibility, endurance) affects their ability to play a great round of golf – AND recover quickly between rounds.

Single digit handicap golfers have gone beyond ’swing technique’ and are committed to being as fit as possible for golf and the physical demands that come with the game.

They’ve developed a golf specific fitness routine that ensures that their bodies are capable of playing an enviable round of golf, with minimal risk of injury.

You too can focus on fitness and improve your golf game.

One of the first areas you need to look at is your core strength. Your core muscles are those in your torso, the ones that are critical to how well you swing the club. If your back, abdominal and shoulder muscles are not in shape they are not going to be able to support you well enough to produce an excellent swing. Getting your core muscles in shape will give you a more powerful, fluid swing, offering more distance and accuracy.

Shoulder rotation is another key area. By exercising and stretching your shoulder muscles through an expanded, but natural, range of motion you will increase your flexibility, ensuring a full swing with balanced rotation. This goes for spinal rotation as well. If you work your back muscles, consistently keeping them limber, they will enable you to more efficiently swing the club – with a predictable repetitiveness (VERY important)

The majority of single digit handicap players have full, and fluid, range of motion in their shoulders in addition to optimal hip, spine and neck flexibility.

Play Strong for All 18 Holes and Recover Much Quicker

Finally, a properly structured fitness routine improves your ‘golf’ endurance, making a long round of golf much easier to get through – and recover from. This means that your first swing of the round and your last will have the same level of control, accuracy and power…

And that late-round, game killing fatigue is avoided – allowing you to keep your mental focus when it counts the most.

Becoming a single digit handicap golfer is about more than skill, it’s about preparing your body to use the skills you have, every time you pick up a club.

And more importantly – when your body is ‘fit for golf’ – it allows you to further develop your ‘golf skills’ by allowing you to get the most out of your practice time.

Submitted by The Golf Drive Power Team
Go there to learn about the balanced and targeted Golf Fitness program they have put together. The video tips are excellent and loaded with insights.

The creators of the program, Dee and Tyler, have too many credentials to list here – but I can assure you – I don’t post any articles from outside professionals unless they ‘know their stuff’.

Your trainer,
Joey Atlas – Golf Performance Specialist

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