How to Find Golf Information Online ..The Easy Way

Tuesday, April 28th 2009

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Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world and not surprisingly there are millions of websites dedicated to the sport.The difficulty for the amateur golfer is that there is just too much info.

The search engines can present you with just a ridiculous amount of info.

As an illustration I have just searched for “buy new seven iron”, without the quotes.I have got back 18,600,000 pages.

That is not very helpful.  I am suffering with information overload, particularly as a quick look through the first page of websites suggests a lot of narrow websites rather then a the general overview retailer that i was hoping for

As another example I have tried “golf course in Arizona”.This time there is 3,400,000 pages found.

It seemed to me that I should be able to reduce the overload of Google information and find a solution for myself.

Suddenly after hours of wasted time the solution arrived.

The answer was a golf toolbar of my own.Toolbars are the symbols that sit above your browser window.

In the toolbar I put in my favorite golfing websites so that whenever I wanted golf information it was there at the top of my screen every time I was online.  It meant that I could go to my favorite store, the best course directory, the news center I created, in an instant.  No more messing about with Google and facing a bewildering choice of websites.

I still use Google sometimes for golf searches but in general I know that the best websites are available right at the top of my screen everyday.

I thought that it would be a good idea to share my golf toolbar and so here it is.Its free for anyone to have a look at and download.It is guaranteed safe by the Trusted Download logo and loads fast.

It currently features a leading golf retailer, a special site for training aids, videos and books , plus a golf news centre, a weather forecast (perhaps the most useful thing of all), a vacation arranger, utilities, games and loads of other useful stuff.

The Golf toolbar.

I love the thing and think that there is no reason why more should not also benefit.There is no charge though I should mention that if you should purchase through the retailer on the toolbar I do receive a commission.

The toolbar will be useful for you I hope.

The Golf News toolbar.

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