Golf Flexibility: Lower Back & Hip Stretches for Golf

Tuesday, January 19th 2010

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Here is another golf flexibility exercise video for you. Give it a try right now, as I know you are sitting at your desk – which is one of the perfect places for this mini golf stretching routine.

You will also benefit by doing this before a round, after a round – and even in between holes, on the golf cart.

Give it a try and let me know how incredible you feel by posting in the ‘comment’ section at the bottom.

If you like this golf performance enhancement video – then you’ll love the other 3 FREE videos I have for you.

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“…I tried your free golf exercises for a couple of days this weekend, and for the first time since Oct, I was able to hit balls at the driving range without my back killing me (I pulled something in the Fall), and the next day it’s even better! Thanks!”

Charles N.
- Texas

Oh – and PLEASE – after you go through this little routine – feel free to forward this page to all your golfing buddies. They’ll appreciate it – and so will I.

Now get moving…

– Joey Atlas

M.S. – Exercise Physiology
Golf Conditioning Specialist

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