“Body for Golf” Review by Exercise Physiologist

Monday, November 28th 2011

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“Body for Golf” Review by Exercise Physiologist and Golf Conditioning Specialist, Joey Atlas

In my review of “Body for Golf” (BfG), by Golf Fitness Trainer, Susan Hill I easily noticed the most critical factor being in place as soon as I looked at the outline summary of the program. That critical factor is this: Progressive Conditioning

Let me explain why Progressive Conditioning is such a critical factor and what this means to you.

Progressive Conditioning takes the golfer from his/her current state of fitness, no matter what it is, and progressively corrects, strengthens and enhances it in a manner which is conducive to the golfer’s playing patterns.

In other words – the program does not hinder, or sacrifice, the golfer’s current level of ability – But, rather it gradually improves his/her level of golf specific fitness so the player’s game is allowed to adjust accordingly – during lessons, practice-range time – and complete, 18-hole rounds.

2 Additional and Optional Golf Fitness Components

In addition the Main BfG Program – there are 2 additional and optional components which can be added after the purchase of the Main Program. These can only be purchased AFTER the main BfG program because the main program serves as the foundation and as a stand alone routine – it is extremely effective and worth it’s weight in gold.

However - since the release of the main BfG program, many golfers started requesting more advanced and complementary components to add to the main program. The following 2 items are the add-on components for those golfers who want to take their conditioning and physical abilities to the maximum degree. About 63% of the golfers who purchase the main BfG program also add one or more of these add-on components:

A - Physical Faults and the Fixes
B - Senior Golf Fitness

After looking at the core components of the Main BfG Program and then looking at the 3 optional components – here is what I’ve determined:

This is the most up to date and well-rounded golf-specific conditioning program on the market. Each part of the program is based on physiologically tested and proven training and rehab protocols which are used in the latest PGA Tour regimens.
Additionally – all parts of the BfG program are synergistic and complementary – meaning; they all fit together to create a seamless, year-round program which can be adjusted depending on which season you are in.

Lastly, the BfG Program is 100% compatible with my program: Optimum Flexibility for Golf ..and with that in mind – here is a special offer we have for you today… You get:

Here is the Discount Link for Susan’s BfG Program You Can Purchase “Body for Golf” via the Discount Link Here

Just don’t keep this a secret for too long. Please let your golf buddies know about these programs after you’ve won a few bucks from all of them :-)

- Joey Atlas
M.S., Exercise Physiology
Golf & Tennis Conditioning Specialist

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