Brilliant Golf Gadgets

Tuesday, May 5th 2009

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So here it is the top five golf gadgets to help improve your addiction to sport. A lot of these gadgets dont even need to be used on the course itself but can quite easily be used at home in front of the little impressed wife and kids. Some of them could even help improve the normal electric golf trolleys.

5. The automatic golf tee
Brilliant for when you are practicing driving at your local golf course as this holds around 30 balls and at the push f your club the ball will automatically get put onto one of the tees which is a great idea for saving time watching the ball fall off the tee every time you bend down to put it there.

4. The brilliant weed cutting driver
Of course this is classed as cheating it is a great way of getting out of a tough spot when your having a fun round of golf. This gadget is brilliant for when you get stuck in the rough as it actually cuts the grass off so you can take your shot as well as being cleverly disguised as a driver. Brilliant gadget.

3. a golf club that keeps your drink in the club
This gadget is great as it is disguised as a club and will pour any liquid you put into it straight into any cup at the touch of a small button. The gadget is good for when you dont want to pay for the overpriced drinks at the clubhouse as you can do this for no charge at all.

2. A small island to chip onto
Great idea if you have your own swimming pool as you can attempt to chip the ball onto the island. The balls are made of Velcro so they stick to the island rather than bouncing into the pool. Even great if you dont have your own pool as you can quite easily go down to the local public one and take it down there, maybe it wouldnt go down too well with the lifeguards but who really cares!

1. A remote controlled golf ball- Warning not for competitive games
At the small push of a button the ball will head towards the hole as if by magic, putting shock into all your golfing buddies (until your found out that is). Although this is blatently cheating it is great for a fun round of golf or even for crazy golf as this would most certainly get you another free round.

Although your better off buying the plain golf gadgets like golf batteries these will help you if you want a bit of laugh whilst playing.

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