7 Golf Exercises With Resistance Bands

Sunday, December 4th 2011

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7 Golf Exercises With Resistance Bands to Give You Strength-Durance

Every time a golfer asks me; “What is the one piece of golf fitness equipment you would suggest, other than a stretching mat and ball – which I could use for training my whole body for functional training to benefit my golf game – and that I could bring on the road when traveling?”

The Answer: Resistance Bands…. But not just any generic brand of bands…

Woven Inner Cord Technology

Woven Inner Cord Technology

Everyday I’ll get 2-3 emails from golfers who subscribe to this blog and videos, asking which bands would I recommend. If you remember the first videos I shared with you – there are several band exercises I do in those…

In all my years in the fitness conditioning industry – these are the bands which have become my top choice (and I’ve tried them ALL)… I pack these on every road trip and I get complete and full workouts no matter where I stay – whether with friends or at a hotel: Joey’s Preferred and Recommended Resistance Bands for Golf Conditioning

The truth is – just like anything else out there, quality ranges from pure trash all the way up to top-notch training tools made for frequent and consistent use by top athletes. You want the highest quality brand of bands so you can focus on training properly without worrying about the bands snapping and causing unnecessary injury and embarrassment.

Here are 7 effective resistance-band golf exercises to help bring the ‘strength-durance’ factor of your game up a few notches:

7 Golf Strength-Durance Exercises

1: Double-Grip Static-Stance, Horizontal Rotation

2: Single-Grip (inner hand) Static-Stance, Horizontal Rotation

3: Single-Grip (outer hand) Static-Stance, Horizontal Rotation

4: Double-Grip Static-Stance, Diagonal Rotation – High to Low

5: Double-Grip Static-Stance, Diagonal Rotation – Low to High

6: Single-Grip (inner hand) With Side-Step Shuffle, Horizontal Rotation

7: Single-Grip (outer hand) With Side-Step Shuffle, Horizontal Rotation

I may try to get these into a quick video clip for you in the next few weeks, but for now – you’ll want to get the bands so you are ready to go either with my short freebie videos or if you are starting the Golf Drive Secrets Total Conditioning Program

Another key feature on my top choice of resistance bands are the Quick-Snap functionality used on all the bands in your system. The carabiners are flattened, so you can use multiple bands for various exercises and they each have a mini-pulley for a smoother feel and more precise movements.

Flat Clip w/ Mini-Pulley

Flat Clip w/ Mini-Pulley

These bands are shipped WORLDWIDE. So, just click on the photo to see what your ordering options are. There is a seasonal special discount going on right now.

I know you’ll love these bands and what they do for you… I sure do…

Your trainer,

- Joey Atlas
M.S., Exercise Physiology
Golf Conditioning Specialist

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dave long said,

You offer 7 exercises with resistance bands. I’m on the page looking for the exercises and all I see are ads to get me to buy something. How do I get to the exercises?

April 13th, 2012, 5:46 pm  
Andy Salazar said,

Thank you for the stretchy band exercises I will be applying them to my clients that golf. Keep up the good work.

April 19th, 2012, 10:11 pm  
Joey said,

hi dave – they’ve been listed as examples for this post… im in the process of scripting a golf-specific training dvd set to be released later this year (those 7 band exercises will be included in the program). The flexibility dvds are selling well and golfers are now asking for more… Stay tuned.
- joey atlas

April 26th, 2012, 6:15 pm  

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