#1 Best Golf Performance Tip EVER

Monday, August 9th 2010

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I’m often asked… “Joey, what’s your absolute best golf exercise tip you can give me to help my game?”

The answer is brutally simple…

If you can **be consistent** with your conditioning (no matter how basic – or how elaborate it might be) – then you are implementing the single-most best principle for optimization of your game.

>> IMPORTANT: this assumes you are on a well-structured, and realistic, golf conditioning program in the first place.

Here’s what **consistency** in your conditioning gives you:

    • - prevents ‘fluctuations’ in muscular ability
      - maintains ideal joint ‘fluidity’
      - allows for optimal range of motion
      - lets you practice without physical restrictions
      - keeps you ‘in tune’ with your body (enhanced mind/muscle connection)
      - reduces risk of injury (both acute and/or chronic)
      - speeds recovery time between rounds
      - increases intangible element of ‘confidence’
  • There are other points to add to this list – But the principle is the same. They are all optimized, enhanced or enabled by CONSISTENCY

    So, it makes all the sense in the world for you to make your golf performance conditioning program a top priority in your life. Because if you don’t – you run the very likely risk of experiencing the OPPOSITE of what you see on the list above. A price to large to pay – not only for your game – but even moreso for your overall quality of life and well-being.

    If you don’t have a solid foundation for your golf conditioning routine – then it’s time for you to get it. As you know, by reading past issues of this newsletter – that foundation should be full-body flexibility. Sometimes a solid stretching routine alone is enough to take your game into a zone you never thought possible. Just like Peter Naish… read his firsthand experience here: Golf Performance Success Story

    If you are already doing the Optimum Golf Flexibility DVDs – all you need to do is place priority on CONSISTENCY. But if you don’t have the DVDs yet – it’s something you should seriously consider…

    Your trainer,
    – Joey Atlas

    PS – I never get bored of success stories – so please send me yours when you start feeling all the good things happening to your body – and all the great things in your game.

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