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“How To Gain Optimum Golf Flexibility for Cannonball Drives, Missile-Like Iron Shots
and Over-night Reductions In Your
Game-Killing Aches & Pains…”

- by Joey Atlas – M.S., Exercise Physiology – Golf Performance Specialist

Outdoor Golf Flexibility Stretching Cornwall Park Auckland New Zealand photo
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“…I tried your free golf exercises for a couple of days this weekend, and for the first time since Oct, I was able to hit balls at the driving range without my back killing me (I pulled something in the Fall), and the next day it’s even better! Thanks!”

Charles N.
- Texas

The Single-most Important Physical Factor For Your Golf Performance Is Flexibility

The less you have, the worse your game. It’s that simple.

Limited range of motion and lack of flexibility are responsible for keeping the games of many players from ever reaching their full potential – on all levels.

No equipment breakthroughs, no magical flying golf balls, no $300 lessons and no ‘electrically charged’ bracelets will ever take the place of what a proper golf flexibility program can do for your game.

The easier and further your body can turn, the better, more powerful, your swing is. Period.

Moving the club head over a greater distance allows for the generation of more club head speed, hence more distance on the ball – WITH LESS EFFORT.

Having worked with dozens of high level amateurs and a handful of the world’s elite pro golfers
(Vijay Singh, David Duval & his agent (Charlie), Mark McCumber, Josh McCumber, Leonard Thompson, Bob Dickson, Joe Inman, Jeff Klauk, Mark Petzold, Susan Rampleberg & many others) – I came to learn another important aspect of their game – longevity in the sport.

Being Able To Play For a Long Time Is a Close Second Behind Being Able To Play Extremely Well

These players think of taking the time for proper flexibility training as an investment in their future… so staying pain free and injury free, as much as possible, is of paramount importance to all competitive players…

…Because if they’re hurt, they’re either not playing or if they do play – they play poorly.

Stretching has become a key element in both injury prevention and peak performance. If you are not doing it, someone else is, and that is a clear advantage to the player who has been consistent with their flexibility program.

Some of the younger players who were trying to get on the Buy.com Tour, Nationwide Tour and now Web.com Tour would come in for training & the first element we would focus on would be flexibility (& soon after, core conditioning)…

Now keep in mind, most of these young players either never stretched… or they just randomly & inconsistently tried some basic stretches from a magazine.

After two or three sessions they would be asking questions such as…,

“Hey Joey, could this stuff be working already after just a few days?”

I knew what was happening – but I would ask, “Why, what’s happening with your game?”

And I would get responses such as, “The ball seems to be launching off my club head and I’m not swinging any harder than I usually do.”

I would then go on to explain how proper golf flexibility training can bring about such quick results.
They actually knew this – that’s why they were coming to me in the first place – but experiencing the change was almost surreal to some of these guys (and ladies), especially with it happening relatively quickly.

So, What Does The Ideal Golf Stretching Program Consist Of?

It must include several key compound stretches – stretches that elongate several joint areas at the same time – mimicking natural movement patterns. Allowing the golfer to be more accurate through enhanced body awareness & control.

BENEFIT – You develop a much smoother swing.

It must include a series of single or double joint stretches. The effects of these stretches increase exponentially when the specific body movement requires several of these joints to move in coordination with each other (ie – the golf swing).

BENEFIT – You deliver more power to the ball (when necessary) without extra effort.

It must follow a symmetrical protocol – the true key to maintaining optimal muscle/tendon/joint balance on both sides of the body. This allows for enhanced swing power without a large increase in swing effort. And this is also very important to chronic and acute injury prevention – and hence playing longevity.

BENEFIT – Most aches and pains decrease dramatically or go away completely.

It must offer several variations. A long version for regular training days and a short version for Pre-Round Stretching. A few variations with the large exercise ball should also be included (extremely important for the golfer) along with a couple of club stretches to do just before tee-off & between holes if necessary.

BENEFIT – You can do your stretches anytime, anywhere – with no equipment.

It must be realistic & easy to do for golfers at any level with no equipment except for a floor mat (and an exercise ball for certain stretches).

BENEFIT – You can stick with this type of program forever while ‘the others’ get older and weaker.

It should be thorough – addressing the head and neck all, the way down to the feet. Remember, the golf swing is a full body movement.

BENEFIT – You will have no nagging aches or pains, before, during or after a round of golf – hence you can play & practice more often.

It should feel good – especially afterward. This type of stretch routine should make you feel as if your posture is immediately better & you should feel stronger – just because your body moves so much easier & more fluidly. You should almost feel like you could rip the cover off a ball if you were to hit one right after your stretch routine.

BENEFIT – You will look forward to going through your golf stretch routine everyday and getting undeniable results as your game improves.

It should cause some of your golf buddies to become ‘hateful enemies’. Once you start bombing your drives & ripping your iron shots ‘the boys’ are not going to be very happy with your new-found golfing abilities – they will be ‘green’ with envy.

BENEFIT – You win more often.

Multi-plane, rotational floor stretches are a must. Glute, piriformis & IT band stretches are a must. Heel (Achilles) and calve stretches are a must. Hip flexor, quad, and groin (adductor) stretches are a must.

BENEFIT – You don’t need to look for more golf specific stretches – you can focus on your game.

Neck, trapezius & shoulder girdle stretches must be included. Chest, arm, abdominal and oblique stretches must be included. Upper, middle & lower back stretches must be included.

BENEFIT – You get rid of ‘obstacles’ to your swing – and you do not start to hurt during the end of a round – fatigue is greatly reduced.

A complete golf flexibility session should take you no longer than 45 minutes on a long program and no longer than 14 minutes on a ‘quick stretch’.

BENEFIT – No guesswork on your part. You know what to do and how much time you need to do it.

Bring More Power To Your Game By Focusing On The Ultimate Piece Of Equipment – Your Body

There have been many technical advances in golf equipment and there are definitely more to come. If you want to maximize the effect of any new equipment development – your body has to be able to move properly and perform at its highest potential.
The starting point of your optimum golf exercise program should place priority on the flexibility component. A carefully crafted stretching program should be the foundation for which the rest of your golf performance conditioning program is built upon.

And that’s why you need…

‘Optimum Flexibility for Golf’ (TM)

optimum flexibility for golf - stretching exercises for golf
2-DVD set: for Use at
Home or the Clubhouse
If you’re serious about improving your game (with minimal hassle and small amount of time) and helping your body in the long run – then you owe it to yourself to get this program. I guarantee you’ll get more than the results I list on this page – and I back it all up with a 365-Day Money Back Guarantee… more on that later…
First, hear what these other happy golfers have to say…
“Hi Joey,

I have been doing your stretching DVDs at least 6 times per week.

The best way I can describe how great it has been is by what happened a couple of days ago…

My son arranged a golf instruction session for me. After we got started, the golf instructor said to me “you have tremendous flexibility on your turns”. Well, Joey, flexibility and my name have never in my life been used together in one sentence and I am 59 years old.

Thanks Joey for this wonderful program. I have tried others but I was so sore after one session that I did not continue them. I have not been sore at all on your program. It is simply amazing how your whole body feels when it has smooth flexibility.”

- John Watkins

“Dear Joey – I have a very bad back… fused vertebrae, rods, screws, etc…

I can still golf but it is difficult at times. Your videos have enabled me to do so much better and have provided a lot of pain relief. I’m still getting better and at my age, given my deplorable condition, it is really helping me to do your golf stretches.

Thanks for caring and contacting me after I purchased the Golf Flexibility DVDs, it means a lot to me to know that you really do care.”

- Your Servant – Dr. Roy Lester

“Hi Joey,

Thanks very much for the follow up emails I receive from you…
I have been working with your Optimum Golf Flexibility DVDs since I bought them three weeks ago and I’m feeling the benefits very much…

I play golf three times a week and do some or all the stretches in the first DVD each day. Firstly, it has allowed me to keep my left arm straight at the top of the swing without forcing it – which of course lets me hit the ball more consistently.

I also suffered with aching muscles, before using your program, in the small of my back… by the time I got to the 15 or 16th hole. Now I can finish the round without any aching or stiffness there – which allows me to finish the round in better condition and no pain afterward. You delivered on your promise.”

- Barry Hooper

“There are only a handful of golf performance specialists who truly understand what type of flexibility program a golfer needs. Joey is one of those guys. He has helped me tremendously through his application of golf specific exercises.”

- Mark McCumber10 Time PGA Tour Champion

Hi Joey:

For “some reason” I am playing very well so far.

Your stretching program definitely helps – it all makes perfect sense.

I should have been doing this years ago.

Tks, Joey.”

- Harry Tuchmayer

OK- Here’s what you get…

DVD # 1: Extended O.G.F. 45-Minute Stretching Routine

golf stretching exercise dvd

In DVD # 1 You Get: Just under 45 minutes of full body, golf specific stretches to unlock the game killing vice grips on your joints and muscles, allowing you to accurately bomb your drives & ‘rip’ your irons WITHOUT having to swing harder.($32.95 When Sold Separately)

DVD # 2: ‘Quick-Stretch’ O.G.F. 12-Minute Stretching Routine

golf stretch exercise dvds

In DVD # 2 You Get:

(A) 12-Minute Pre-Round Quick-Stretch

This one will have your opponents shaking in their spikes before you even leave the clubhouse, as you breeze through this golf muscle loosening series of stretches. ($30.99 When Sold Separately)

(B) Seven Best Golf Stretches on the Exercise Ball

Aches, pains and spasms will magically disappear after doing this routine for a couple of weeks. The turning ability of your torso & hips will increase dramatically, as well – very important to the golf swing. ($22.99 When Sold Separately)

But that’s not all…

You also get…

Bonus # 1) Four Core Strengthening Exercises for Raw Golf Power and Injury Prevention

Photos and Instructions ($25.99 Value)

This comes to you as an immediate training lesson for you to follow on-screen or to print AND save to your favorites for future reference.

Forget about lifting weights and pumping machines, you are not a bodybuilder or a powerlifter! You’re a golfer & these are the exact types of strengthening exercises you MUST be doing if you are serious about maximizing your golf performance and not screwing up your body and game.

Bonus # 2) The Two Stretches You Must Do Before Tee-Off

Photos and Instructions ($20.95 Value)

This also comes to you as an immediate training lesson for you to follow on-screen or to print AND save to your favorites for future reference.

Bonus # 3) FREE For Life Access to ‘Instant Results’ Video Clip Tips

($360.00 per year value)

Eventually I will have to charge for access to the ‘Instant Results’ Golf exercise Video Tips area of this website – but if you purchase your DVDs today – you’ll be guaranteed ‘Free For Life’ access to every training video clip I add to that area.

Add all that up and its a $493.87 price tag for the first year alone – but that’s not what you’re going to pay for all these materials…

The regular price for all this is $99.97 – but having spent time with so many golfers in the past 17 years – I know what a lack of flexibility can do to your body – and I know what the wrong exercise program can do to your game – and I don’t want any of that happening to you…

So – I’m slashing the price in half, to a ONE-TIME Payment of just $49.95 – but you have to move quickly in order to get all the bonuses listed above – as I simply won’t be able to offer them much longer at no charge.

Compare that $49.95 to all the money you have spent, and will spend on your golf game. I agree – there simply is no comparison – but I will guarantee this…

HONESTe Online Member Seal Click to verify - Before you buy!

Forget about being ‘delighted’… If you’re not “totally stunned” at what this program does for you and your game – I want you to send it back for a refund – and I’ll give you a full year (365 days) to take me up on my “100% Totally Stunned Guarantee Offer”

So it’s your call now… You can order this program and start experiencing the game changing benefits with the materials on the ‘Thank You’ page – while we ship you your DVDs – or…

You can keep wasting your time ’surfing the internet’ for a bunch of ‘half-ass’ golf fitness tips and useless golf exercise articles…

You’re a smart guy – I think you know what to do…

“Yes, Joey – Your program is EXACTLY what I need – I want to do the right exercises for my body and my golf game. I don’t want to suffer from nagging aches and pains that ruin my rounds and keep me from getting the most out of my practice time and expensive lessons. I want fast, safe and undeniable improvements in my club head speed, my endurance and my between round recovery times.

I understand the 2 DVD set will be shipped to me within the next 3 business days – and I’ll have access to all the online Golf Exercise Bonuses right after my transaction. I also understand that by placing my order today – I’ll have ‘Free For Life’ access to all the new ‘Instant Results’ Video Clip Tips you post in the private area of this website.

So, I’m going to place my order via your secure internet connection, right now, Joey…”

Your DVDs Are Region Free – and
We Ship Worldwide RIGHT NOW for FREE

Your jealous golfing buddies will probably not be so happy with your new ‘talents’…
But your body and your golf scores will be extremely thankful.
Now get started!!

Joey Atlas
MS – Exercise Physiology
Golf Conditioning Specialist
Former owner of:
The Golfer’s Athletic Performance Center
in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida: 1999 – 2006

Are you still reading? What else do you need to hear? Maybe these will help you…


I am making strides in my stretching. I feel a lot better and more flexible every day. My hamstrings have always been unbelievably tight!

I have tried to at least do the 12 min. stretching before I golf and I do the long one at night. It is very good. My handicap is a plus 2 and my flexibility and conditioning is the thing holding me back from my game going further. I have been working out every day and stretching and I know that I am going to be winning tournaments soon.

I am 26, so do not have a lot of aches and pains but I do feel that I am extremely refreshed after the stretching.

- Matt Jeffers

Joey – just had to send you a quick email…

I really like the efficiency of multiple muscle-groups being stretched simultaneously. Your method is quite ingenious and actually enjoyable to participate in.

I have to go now and do my stretches for today.

Thanks again for the “kick-in-the-ass”

- Rob Morris

Hey Joey,

Thanks for the e-mail, the programme is going really well, just to let you know i’m a pro golfer in the UK, and this programme was just what i was looking for, i do the long version twice a week and the 12 minute version the other 4 days and have Sunday off!!! if u have got anything else that u think i would like please tell me about it and if you’re ever in the UK then i would like a 1-on-1 training session.

thanks Joey

- Alex Fuell


I ordered, received & have tried your flexibility DVDs-the long one & the short one. They’re fantastic! I stretched muscles that have been tight for 30 years.

Not sure how many times I’ll be able to do the 45 minute routine but I plan to do the 12 minute routine during the week. Great job! I especially like the way you explain “how” as well as show how.
And I like the fact that there isn’t any background music which is distracting when first learning the routine. Haven’t tried the ball routine yet but I’m sure it’s equally outstanding.

Thank you!
PS… Better than yoga, pilates, runner’s stretching exercises, or anything else I’ve tried!!

- Kathy Davis

Hello Joey,

I ordered the Optimum Golf Flexibility DVDs and doing these stretches has helped reduce the pains caused by not being in shape for golf. I also lowered my handicap by 2, which is incredible to say the least.

- Darrel Stanley, St Helena Island

OK Joey – I’m convinced – I’d be a moron not to take you up on this ‘no-lose’ offer, So, I’m going to place my order via your secure internet connection, right now, Joey…”

Your DVDs Are Region Free – and RIGHT NOW We Ship Worldwide for FREE

Want Joey to work with you one-on-one, as your personal Golf Conditioning Coach? <<= then click here.

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